Thursday, July 31, 2008


"If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, growing double dahlias in his garden, or looking for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi desert. He will not be searching for happiness as if it were a collar button that has rolled under the radiator. He will not be striving for it as a goal in itself. He will have become aware that he is happy in the course of living life twenty-four crowded hours of the day." ~W. Beran Wolfe

I love to go on Seth's Aunt Jan's blog. She is so inspiring and I thought since Misty posted a thought I would post one too. Jan had this on her blog and I just love this thought. And when I am busy, deeply involved in something that speaks to my soul, doing things for others, spending time with loved ones or just working at home is when I am happiest.

Happiness is to be found in the doing, not in the searching. I'm so busy doing, especially this week and next. My twenty-four hour days are crowded. And it makes me happy.


Jan said...

You're so sweet! I love that thought -- that the happiness is the journey, not the destination!

Jen M said...

Thanks for posting this!