Monday, June 23, 2008

Camera Sadness

So my camera has been on the fritz...So I thought if I could get those fabulous 10 dollar lithium batteries, we would be fine....but no! I put in those shiny new batteries and nothing. My camera wouldn't even turn on. I am so sad. I have borrowed my granddaughter Katie's 3 pixel camera but I am hoping that you will all be so sad not to see my incredible pictures that you will send donations to my camera fund. Maybe you have an old camera you just never use that is more than 3 pixels. Maybe I will just have to get a second job! Just kidding but it will be a bit before more pictures come your way. So just be patient.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


We have a little restaurant in Hamilton called Past Times and they have an Elvis Impersonator! Yes it is true...not all are so luck as we are! Any way tonight Megan came up and went with Ron and I and Spenser to our own home town Elvis impersonator. It was so entertaining to see all the Missouri folk in there overalls and button up sleeveless shirts enjoying themselves. We had a great time whoo hooing and whistling and he even put a sweaty scarf around mine and Megan's neck. The best moment was when he started to sing America the beautiful and the entire crowd rose to their feet and took off their hats! I love the Mid West!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ashelyn Ann has arrived!

We welcome Ashelyn Ann Doan to our family! Misty went into the hospital around 6 am and had little Ashelyn in the early afternoon. She weighed 7 pounds something ounces and was 21 and so many inches long.

I was just so taken with her beauty I can't remember a thing.
But we are sure glad she is here!
Grandpa Ron and Grandma Jenny with our 16th grandchild!
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Birthday fun!

Jake and Hannah
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Happy Birthday to me

So here it is! Ron nmade me a cake and then spray painted my name on with spray frosting!

We were going to have a family baseball game rained. So we decided to golf in the back yard and fun was had by all!
Jenna and Hannah insisted on wearing party dresses to my party. I love it!
All the kids really got into the golf thing...even Jake with my slippers on!
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Boxer...

While we were doing T-shirts Gid was playin in the boxes! We just looked over and ther he was sitting in the box!

He is soooo cute!
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Jake's new adventure

Jacob now has a screen printer! He is so talented! We spent most of the day and the wee hours of the night, filling a shirt order.
He got ron in there helping. The process is amazing and we all loved being a part of it.
Here is Spenser counting. He was the guy in charge of drying and keeping everything in order!
It took a while...But I think Jake was pleased with the out come, and we went to bed!
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Gid's new toy!

Misty got Gideon this new toy at a garage sale for a buck. It's so cool.
Jake wanted Gideon to come thru the tunnel with him...
Well you can see where that led him! He was so funny!
Gid was just happy to be in the middle! He is such a boy and has fun with everything.
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Spenser's Canoe Trip

Spenser went Canoing with the Young Men at church and had a ball!

There was an elbow to the eye at one point ...but you shoulda seen the other guy! Just kidding it was all accidental
Boy did he get a sunburn! It is the price you pay for fun on the water.
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Surprise!! Alan is here

Alan is back in the mainland! He has a job and he bought a he thought he would do a little road trip to Missouri...28 hours later he could hardly move!

It was so wonderful to see him! He is always full of joy and fun!
We did a little visiting. We went to see Grandpa and Grandma Fish and Bailey.
In talking to them, Al discovered that the friend he is renting a room from,
knew Grandpa and Grandpa fish from the early days in the church in Salinas!
It is a small world!
Next the Earnheart's, and the Galbraith's, came over and we all played baseball. It was so much FUN!
Here is Isaac trying to steal home! By the way today is Isaac's Birthday! Happy 8th Birthday Isaac!
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