Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ashelyn Ann has arrived!

We welcome Ashelyn Ann Doan to our family! Misty went into the hospital around 6 am and had little Ashelyn in the early afternoon. She weighed 7 pounds something ounces and was 21 and so many inches long.

I was just so taken with her beauty I can't remember a thing.
But we are sure glad she is here!
Grandpa Ron and Grandma Jenny with our 16th grandchild!
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Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

she is a beautiful baby for crazy that you have 16

Kizzie and Andy said...

Congrats Jake and Misty!
She's adorable!

Jan said...

She is beautiful! And I love the pic on Sarah's blog of you holding her - -the look on your face says it all. Lovely!

Jen M said...

I'm so glad you posted so soon! I was so excited to see her. She's beautiful!

Richardsons Randoms said...

What beautiful pictures. We sure love this little girl, she is such a dear. There will always be room to welcome and embrace one more child, grandchild and on. Isn't it wonderful how our hearts swell to accept each new addition. Jacob makes such a wonderful father. He is so sweet and tender. Good work Grandma & Grandpa Doan!

Stephanie said...

If she is as cute as Gid even as a two day old kid, just imagine her when she hit's high school. She will be beautiful just like her parents! Congrats on number 16. I guess I am off to by another card!