Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Morning

I must say we have had a lot more exciting christmas mornings. There was just the 3 of us . Alan tried really hard to be noisy and excited but even a 6'7" boy can't replace the noise and fun that 7 children can make! Alan and Dad still had there matching jammies. We opened our little stack of presents and Alan remarked that this used to take much's true we are a small household now. We were happy to have 1 child (man) to share the morning with. He is home until January 8th and already bored out of his mind. He is used to going 24/7 and we are just not lively enough for him. I offered for him to iron for me while I quilted, but he didn't go for it. Oh well we all make choices!

Aren't they cute!
The rush is over.
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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bailey and Christmas

This is the only photo I got of my parents together, and they are in deep conversation with Alan.
Bailey played a big part in Christmas. Mostly because he is big! He scared Alayna to death but Gideon thought he was the most amazing thing ever. He was so good and calm all night. We love Bailey!
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Swedish Christmas

On the 24th of December we head over to Grandma Fish's for our Swedish Christmas.
Her is Ron, Jake, Alan, & Seth relaxing on the couch.
Here is Erinn and Jenna sharing a fun moment.
This is a shot of the group at the table. We share this day with my parents and my siblings and there families.
Here is my beautiful Mother looking very surprised at the camera.
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First Christmas!

This was Jason Alan Galbraith's first christmas. He is just such an adorable baby!

It was also the first christmas of Gideon James Doan. He will have his first birthday on the 29th of December.
Here he is with his Momma and Daddy! They are so cute and Gideon is just as sweet a boy as you could want!
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Doan Family -4

You can see everyone in these pictures except Alayna who is hiding behind Sam's head.

We are just thankful we got a picture. Getting this whole group to stand in one place is a miracle!
We've got several crazies in this picture. You gotta love them!
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More Christmas

Alan had a surprise...he made shirts for all the guys, and they all promptly put them on for a photo op! It was hilarious! The front says Al loves me and the back....well hopefull you have all had the opportunity to see this real picture in person.

Phoebe got a baby and she just loved it.
This was Gideon's first christmas. He was at the perfect age where everything is amazing. He just laughed and played all night.
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Doan Christmas

On the 23rd of December, we had the Doan Family Christmas. It was so much fun. The house was bursting at the seams. Ron and I were in heaven. We were missing 2 kids and their wives, but all the rest were able to come. We had 15 grandchildren. We all exchanged gifts and there were ooh's and gasps to be had all around the room.

We had a little impromptu singing time before we opened gifts and some of the kids shared the songs they sang at there school programs. We enjoyed the "Hip Hop Reindeer" by, Isaac and a sweet song by the Sperry family. Katie, Sam and Allyson each sang a song. It was sweet hear and enjoy their talents. We all joined Hannah in singing Rudolph the NOSE RED reindeer. We think we are going to make that a tradition as well.

Here is Katie and Olivia with their gifts. Can't you just see the excitement!
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My grandchildren have the best grandpa in the world! When they all came to visit for christmas, the girls decided to make a snowman. So they enlisted Grandpa's help. I was upstairs and could hear giggling and grabbed my camera. What fun they had! We love Snowmen.

Here they are...Olivia, Katie, Annie, Allyson and Alayna.
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Friday, December 21, 2007

I have been thinking about how often we say, I will do this as soon as...or when I get through this.. and I found this great quote that really puts all of it into perspective.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to end...
But about learning to dance in the rain!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One More!

This shot says it all!
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More Hawaii Fun

We had so much fun. Here are more random shots! Hawaii is a wonderful place and he is a wonderful son.
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More Graduation pictures

This is Alan with his room mates. Michael, Manny, Alan, & Sam

Alan with the proud Momma and Papa.

So many of the Adults had wonderful things to say about Alan. He has really changed a lot of lives.
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Alan Graduates

This was an amazing and emotional day. When ever your children are successful in their endeavors it just makes your buttons want to pop off! I am so proud of what this boy has done! This is just before the ceremony.

This is just after the ceremony and look how happy he is! He could hardly get over to us. Everyone wanted to put a lei on him.
Amy and Dana had planned a trip to the island and it coincided with his graduation, so they were able to cheer Alan with us.
You go BOY! Party hat and all!
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Thanks to Alan and Jodi, Ron and I were able to go to Hawaii for Alan's graduation. As usual we had a blast. This is just such a relaxing and romantic place. With Alan graduating we were a bit more busy, but still, who couldn't love this!

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