Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Swedish Christmas

On the 24th of December we head over to Grandma Fish's for our Swedish Christmas.
Her is Ron, Jake, Alan, & Seth relaxing on the couch.
Here is Erinn and Jenna sharing a fun moment.
This is a shot of the group at the table. We share this day with my parents and my siblings and there families.
Here is my beautiful Mother looking very surprised at the camera.
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Amanda Lynn said...

I miss everyone especially around the holidays. :(

"Kj" ikjirstin@gmail.com said...

So, I'm looking for a Debbie Doan who lived in Victorville, CA in the early 70's. Is this your family? She had a younger brother named Craig. I think she graduated in 1973, so she would be about 52 years old. ;) Thanks!

P.S. We are Swedish, too, and lived in Debbie's neighborhood.

Jen M said...
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Elisabeth said...

It's so wonderful to have a family together any time especially for chirstmas. you have an amazing family. I've always admired you and your family.