Friday, June 29, 2007

Fun with Ally

We are having so much fun with our grandaughter Allyson. She is so sweet. She is very self entertaining and some how she got us to buy cereal we had never even heard of! Grandaughters are great!
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pool Party

After the park, we went with all the cousins to the pool. It was about 90 degrees so we were ready for a cool down!
Ally had a grand time and even went down the water slide with Grandpa. This was so much fun.

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Ally's first day at Grandma's

When we went to Texas to drop off Hillary and Phoebe...we just couldn't pass up the chance to bring Allyson home with us. This is Ally's first day with us and it was a full one! First we went and mowed Grandma Lehman's lawn and that means driving a lawn mower thru the center of town, so Ally got to ride in the little trailer. She was like her own parade!
We then went to a park and celebrated Lindsey's birthday. Sarah brought Lindsey home with her from Utah. She turns 11 on wednesday so we had a party with all her cousins.
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The boys picked up Alan at the airport and met up with us girls at IKEA.
We all took a break in the office section.
This is truly an amazing store. They even have a restuarant where they serve swedish meatballs and lingonberry juice!
Alan and Phoebe share a moment!
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A few more memorable moments...

Phoebe and her grandpa wait for Josh to come pick us up from the airport!
Josh was so excited to see his nephew Gideon!
This is Natalie and Sarah after driving all night.
Sarah did all the driving both ways and Natalie did all the keeping awake. They are champs!
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Random Shots

This is Amanda Jo's daddy Harold! We had so much fun meeting her family!
Josh and Mom on the Mother son dance.
Phoebe and Grandpa in Colorado!
Once Phoebe got out of her seat she was taking things into her own hands!
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The honeymoon car

The boys had so much fun doing the car. Misty and Jade helped.
It looked so cute.
Even cousin Isaac got into the fun!
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The wedding begins..

Here is our handsome groom!
and his brothers.
There is always dancing at a Doan wedding!
Mr and Mrs Doan dance at their wedding.
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Wedding prep

The wedding preparation begins!

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So we went to breakfast while the girls slept. I love my kids they have so much fun together! We walked about 10 miles to find a pancake house. Jake had his slippers on! Pheobe was just glad to be outside!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hillary Arrives

We picked Hillary and Phoebe up at the airport tonight. Tomorrow we will travel to Utah for Josh's wedding.

It is so wonderful to see them. Phoebe has grown so big. She is darling and of course so is Hillary!
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Here is 3 generations of Doan Boys! Gideon, Jacob and Ron.
Happy Father's Day!
Gideon also LOVES his Grandma! At least her hair!
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Blanket Swinging

When the kids were little, for cheap entertainment, Ron and I would swing them in a blanket. They thought it was so much fun. Now a generation later Ron introduces the granchildren to a favorite sport! Check out Sarah's blog for the other kids.
Here is Jake and Grandpa swinging Gideon
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