Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gideon at Easter

I have a bunny that has a tray for candy. It was full of jelly beans and M&M's. Gideon pretty much thinks this is the best thing EVER! He just stood there and kept eating and eating! It was hilarious!
Gideon loves the bunny....
but it was just toooo much for him!
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Ella at Easter

This is what happens when kids have too much candy!
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Easter 2008

Here is Easter at our house this year.
Sarah had all her girls in matching dresses and they looked so cute.
The Galbraith kids....clockwise from the top, Jared 7, Annie 10, Katie 6, Jason 6 months, and Ella 3,
The Jake Doan Family...Jacob, Misty and Gideon. Tomorrow is their 2nd anniversary and they will also find out if they are having a boy or girl!
Here is gramps and I . We had a great day. We enjoyed dinner with some of our kids and also had Grandma and Grandpa Fish with us. So it was a great day .... Although we did have a few snowflakes... but nothing stuck! We missed Natalie and her gang but they are out in California having a I am told.
Happy Easter to all
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Hillary and her family recently bought a house in Arkansas! We are so excited for them to only be 4 hours away! Ron and I went for the weekend to help her with some of that new home stuff and of course the girls wanted to have a sleep over with Grandma and Grandpa. So we did! They have a beautiful house, and the girls...are darling!
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Grandma's Candy cupboard

Any Grandma worth her salt has a goody cupboard for the kids...well Gideon knows exactly where mine is. All he has to do is grunt and point and he gets exactly what he wants!

Here is Gideon and Grandpa enjoying a Lollipop!

What a cutie!
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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Doan

Today is Grandpa Jack Doan's Birthday!
Born: Desmond Henry Doan
March 8, 1924 Merkel, Taylor, Texas
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Children of God

Last Night was Noah's 10th birthday and he had a big sleep over. So Hannah wanted to sleep over at Grandma's. We had a great time and had one of those memorable conversations I just had to blog about. It went like this.
G--Hannah are you a child of god?
H-- No, I am not, My little sister is but I am not.
G--Hannah we are all children of god.
H--No we are not ...I am not a sunbeam any more!
G--Hannah, God is my heavenly father.
H--Sigh....Grandma try this...You are a grown up of God.
G--Ok I say..I get it so you are a girl of God?
H--NO! am a kid of God.
and then she sang the song all the rest of the way home.
When I tried sto sing with her she said I was too loud,
and if I was in a concert, I shouldn't sing too loud or wave my hands,
only nod my head up and down.
I just love little Grandkids...of God!
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Genealogy I am doing it!

This is the James and Susie Doan Family. Last week I got to go to Utah and to the Family History Libary! I love it. I spent most of my time searching for their parents. No luck yet but the chase is so much fun and the final catch even more gratifing. My friend Joleen had an Uncle's birthday celebration, so I was able to go along. We had such a great time and I also got to see Josh and Amanda. It was so good to see them and spend time with them in there home. They are such a fun couple.

I didn't take hardly any pictures....and none worth of showing so I just wanted to write about my week and blog anyway. We also stayed with Kizzy, Andy and darling Avery. Thanks for the hospilality everyone. Now we need to find friends in Tennessee....
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