Friday, September 28, 2007

To funny to pass up!

I know I haven't blogged in a while but hopefully you will enjoy all that has been going on in the last week of my life! I just couldn't resist putting up these shots of the monkey's in our family!

I just can't stop laughing!
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Everything is bigger in Texas!

As we started home, I saw this big horse and had to get the kids on for a shot! Everything IS BIGGER in Texas!

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Things parents might not want to see!

When we started out and I wanted to take a picture, Sam said, "What are you going to take a picture every five minutes?" But by the end he was saying Grandma get your camera. You have to get this! Thank you Alex and Hillary so much for this wonderful time!
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How high can we go?

As we started this journey, there was so much excitement and when we start up the side of the canyon often fear takes over. There is panic and sometimes crying as it starts getting rocky and steep, But when we reach the top, it never seizes to amaze me how incredible the kids feel about themselves. I Hope in a small way they realize that they can do anything. Sometimes they might need a little help but if you just keep trying you can do it.

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More Hiking Shots

Here are some random shots. We just make fabulous memories. The kids so look forward to the cave hiking.

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Hiking thru the country side!

Here is the group! Alex took all us us hiking in the Canyon!
The Earnheart Family
The Galbraith Family
The Sperry Family
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More Baptism Photos

The Baptism was so wonderful. Ally had a hug for everyone. She was so happy. The Sperry Family was all able to be there. All the cousins sang "I like to look for Rainbows" Hillary made the most wonderful ice cream cake. All in all, it was just a wonderful time!
Congratulations Allyson, Hillary and Alex!
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Allyson Sperry is Baptised!

This is Allyson Josephine Sperry
She was Baptised by her Father on September 21, 2007
Isn't she so beautiful!

Allyson and her Dad, Alex Sperry
Also Hillary made that dress and it is so beautiful!
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Texas here we come!

It was the weekend of Allyson's Baptism and Natalie and I were worried that Sarah's baby would be born and she would have to we took the kids with us! Natalie left about noon and took Jared. Dad and I left about 5 and we had Katie and Annie. Katie sang and talked non stop. Annie was perfect as usual. Ron and I had so much fun with the girls and it sure brought back memories of traveling with all our kids!
This is a group shot of the whole tired lot !
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Grandparents day at School

It was Grand parents day at school and Katie was first. But of course I forgot my camera so I got a picture that evening. Katie is in kindergarten and we got to eat lunch together. Katie had a corn dog!
The next day was Jared's day and as you can see I went with camera in hand. I got this great picture of all his teeth missing. Jared showed me a journal and we read a book together.
I wasn't able to be at school on Annie's day so I asked if I could come a day early. She was giving a report that day and so I got to watch her. This is Annie in Alan's big Ukrainian hat talking about Iceland and what kind of clothing they would wear there. She got a perfect score on the report I might add!
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Misty's Surprize!

You all know by now what Jake has been doing for Misty's birthday but I thought I would put up some pictures of my own. Mostly for proof that he actually did it all himself! He just loves that girl so much and really put so much time and effort into the BIG plan. It started off that he wanted to make her a bed and if you know Jake, the idea got really big really fast and then it became a room makeover. He was so excited. I just wish we could have been there to see her face.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tour of Missouri

Today I am blogging about my husband Ron. He had the wonderful experience of volunteering at the Tour of Missouri Bicycle Race. This was a professional race with all the international teams. This race included the current winner of the Tour De France. This is also the last US race of the Discovery Channel Team. As you can see he is sunburned but happy. He got to work in the first stage of the race. They will race 6 total stages in the State. The first stage was here in Kansas City then on to Clinton, Branson, Columbia, Jefferson City and Saint Louis.

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