Friday, September 28, 2007

Grandparents day at School

It was Grand parents day at school and Katie was first. But of course I forgot my camera so I got a picture that evening. Katie is in kindergarten and we got to eat lunch together. Katie had a corn dog!
The next day was Jared's day and as you can see I went with camera in hand. I got this great picture of all his teeth missing. Jared showed me a journal and we read a book together.
I wasn't able to be at school on Annie's day so I asked if I could come a day early. She was giving a report that day and so I got to watch her. This is Annie in Alan's big Ukrainian hat talking about Iceland and what kind of clothing they would wear there. She got a perfect score on the report I might add!
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Jan said...

I loved seeing you at school with the kids -- I am ready for that to happen for us (only another year or two and we'll have some in school!). What a cute grandma you are!

Alex~Hillary~Allyson~Olivia~Alayna~Phoebe said...

The Annie shot came out great and of course they all look great. I bet they loved having you there too. Not everyone has a grandma so close... *sigh* :)