Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Night!

It's Thursday night and Jacob and his sweet family come and visit us. Jacob and his Dad mostly work on motorcycles. Jake always takes time to throw this happy boy up in the air!
You can tell they have been working. He and Ron got the engine together on a Honda 70.
Here is the cutest little family ever!
Gideon loves his grandpa! Especially tonight. He was so happy. We love Thursdays! We usually have dinner together and then the boys go get dirty! Tonight Misty fixed a pork loin and cheesy potatoes. Yummm!
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Natalie and Sarah's Inspiration

I have discovered that life is not a series of great heroic acts. Life at its best is a matter of consistent goodness and decency, doing without fanfare that which needed to be done when it needed to be done. I have observed that it is not the genuises that make the difference in this world. I have observed that the work of the world is done largely by men and women of ordinary talent who have worked in an extraordinary manner. ~Gordon B. Hinckley

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Unexpected fun!

I asked Sarah to take me up to Lake Viking to pick up my quilt at the quilters and the operative word in this sentence is LAKE. So we went up there , got the quilt and the kids just begged to stop. Imagine that. Well Sarah told them they could only get their feet wet so they promised. Then we looked over and Ella was doing sand angels in the water, Jared fell over and Katie and Annie "accidentally " fell in. Well Sarah was a good sport about it but the interior of her car is leather so the kids had to ride home in there underwear! They were mortified, but I remember some other kids who would go to the beach and had to make the underwear trip...
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Busy times

Alan is home for a week and of course he is so excited to be able to sleep in a real bed! We have one that is 7 feet long and so he really fits. But inevitably his back will hurt for a day or two as he begins to stretch out and so Sarah being the kind helper she is, thought she would try to crack his back...Oh MY, that was enjoyable to watch. !
Natalie , Sarah, Seth and I have been canning everything we can get our hands on. We made the best Strawberry jam out of tomatoes! Yes it is true and delicious too! We have canned loads of salsa, zucchini and pickles. I love the satisfaction of this time of year!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I just wanted to post a health update! I got my stitches out yesterday and I am fine! All 15 tumors were benign. Yeah... we were told they probably would be but I am glad they checked it out and all is well. That is another reason to smile!

Happy Birthday Stephanie

Happy Birthday Stephanie. I hope you have a wonderful day. You just keep getting more and more beautiful.

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Everyone needs a reason to smile! I am a very joyful person and lately is seems I have been struggling a bit. So I decided to create a laughing wall! I looked through my photos to find the ones where people are laughing with joyous abandon and printed and framed them. Obviously they are not the most flattering, but every time I look at them it makes me smile! Watch out you could be next on the laughing wall. I already need more frames and a bigger wall.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

More Crazy Kids!!

Here is Sam, (yes, I said Sam), Annie and Noah having some fun in the dress up trunk! I just love Kids with imaginations!
This is Katie and Annie standing in front of the bonnets and Pinafores we make for the Far West Store.

More bathroom humor! I just can't stop myself!!
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School Hair cuts// take 2

Hannah just wanted a trim and she is so darling.
Katie was the most daring and was determined to have it cut at her chin. I didn't want to do it, but she wears it well. But I (sniff) miss her long hair!
Sam is at the wild man stage! We trimmed it up around the back and ears and left the top long, which he promptly put up in a mohawk! You go Sam!
Here is the whole gang, all sheared and shorn! I love my Grandkids!
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School Haircuts!!

Today was school hair cutting day!

As you can see Annie wanted her's shorter. Doesn't she look cute?
Noah went for the wild look and looks very handsome...don't you think?
Jared just wanted his to be spikey! So with some gel we did our best. Looking good!
Isaac wanted to look like a boy and that was all he cared about! So Handsome!
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All these crazy emotions!

I have been filled with emotion for days. I attended a sweet and spiritual funeral and realized again that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Tomorrow I have surgery to have the tumors removed on my arms and when you under go any thing like that life becomes really mortal. I also have experienced so much emotion with Sarah's spiritual experiences about adopting a baby. I can remember so well the feelings I had about adopting. For me, my Sister had a baby when I was sixteen. I loved this baby so much, but I was sixteen. After I got married he came to live with us and I knew and felt as though I had always known that he would be mine. When you have children and choose to adopt another, you go in with your eyes completely open. I already knew what it would cost, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. But, he was mine and I couldn't deny that! Now Sarah knows these feelings and I am so happy for her. She knew she had another baby, she just didn't know how it would come. But the Lord does love us and it strengthens our testimonies and our resolve. I too am thankful for families this day!