Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Night!

It's Thursday night and Jacob and his sweet family come and visit us. Jacob and his Dad mostly work on motorcycles. Jake always takes time to throw this happy boy up in the air!
You can tell they have been working. He and Ron got the engine together on a Honda 70.
Here is the cutest little family ever!
Gideon loves his grandpa! Especially tonight. He was so happy. We love Thursdays! We usually have dinner together and then the boys go get dirty! Tonight Misty fixed a pork loin and cheesy potatoes. Yummm!
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Jan said...

Ah! Love the family time -- and dinner sounds delicious!

Misty said...

Hey, that's actually a really cute picture of us...I think I need it! We love Thursday's too! It's always fun to look forward to.

Alex~Hillary~Allyson~Olivia~Alayna~Phoebe said...

They really are the cutest little family... Misty is gorgeous!.... There I just had to say it! Oh and what a fun tradition... can I have Mondays? :)

Richardson's Randoms said...

What sweet pictures...too bad no one thought to get one of Gid and his super G'Ma. Misty loves her Thursdays with the Doans.