Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun with Gid at Grandma's House

This is the new favorite thing! Gid loves a bath in the sink!

Sorry Alan...again! This was suppose to go to Alan and of cousre I gave it to Gideon...NO he did not eat the whole thing!
Gid ususally gets to play piano with his Daddy but today Gid and Grandma had some fun.
This is Misty giving Gideon a haircut! He is so good and just sits so still. Love you Gid!
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Smart Man!

Ron got me tickets for Valentines day to see Andre Rieu on our anniversary. So this is the gift that keeps on giving. We had a wonderful time. Andre was incredible! There were times that the music would lift you out of your seat. Then there was the Blue Danube Waltz that we danced to right there in the sprint center! Ron truly stole me heart at that moment for sure.
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Happy anniversary!!

Ron and I have been married for 28 fabulous years! I have held this hand for as long as I can remember. We are so blessed to love each other. We strive everyday to help, love, forgive, and be patient with each other. I love all the pages in the story of us...even the sad ones.
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ella's Choice

So when Grandpa makes eclairs, Everyone loves it especially Ella. Here she is wondering which one and how many she can eat! She loves cholokit. (chocolate)(That is just how she says it!)
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Gideon's Wagon

I'm sure you have all seen Gideons wagon at his Grandma Kim's house...well not to be out done, I wanted everyone to know that we too have a wagon and he just loves it! Isn't he hilarious!!
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Sorry ALAN !!!

Dad got some peeps on the after Easter sale for Alan but....Gid the Kid found them!!! So sorry Alan, but he who snoozes loses.
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Saturday, April 5, 2008

General Conference

Ahhh Tradition...Ham and Cheese rolls and chocolate Eclairs yummm! I love conference time. I love that my husband puts on a tie on Saturday when we watch conference in our living room. I love knowing that where ever they are if my children can, they watch conference. I love knowing that when we sing "We thank thee oh God for a Prophet", that all of them will stand up and sing it in there own homes. I love what my grandchildren are learning by their examples. I love that they know where we will be because, that is where we have always been. I love hearing the words of our prophets. Their words are true measuring sticks for our souls. I love that everyone who listens receives what they need and that is different for everyone. I love that I know where my parents will be on Conference weekend. I love knowing that my mom will cry when Henry Eyring speaks, and that all that can will raise their arm to sustain a new prophet. I love that the new prophet immediatly looks like the Prophet. I love that when the boys were growing up they all went out fot Ice cream after general priesthood and now that they are grown...even if they are faraway and alone they will still go out for icecream and call their Dad to tell him. There are so many things I love about conference and I am thankful once more to be able to listen and to be a part of this true church.
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Friday, April 4, 2008

For the Boys!

Yes you see this right! This is a skate park in Greenfield!

They have this awesome cloverleaf. Uncle Dennis says it is the best park around.
Dad tried to grind a little but without a board he didn't go very far!
Just look at all the stuff. I have more pictures if you want to study it more! Love you guys and I am still glad we moved!!
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Random fun from California

I just couldn't resist putting in this picture of Isaac and Jason. Isaac is so much fun and so good with the kids. and...so cute!
I thought this shot of Sarah and Seth's feet was so cute.
Sarah and I while the boys ditched us and went climbing on the rocks!
This is a shot of Margo's store in Spreckels! Boy this brought back alot of memories!
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This is the last of it!

This was such a great shot of Tommie and Jessie. They are just so cute together.

Melissa and Jason! You guys look so good. Thank you for everything. You were great hosts and your kids are wonderful! We were grateful to be part of such a special day! Thank you and We love you!
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More wedding fun!

Natalie and her family were able to be there and had a blast.
Isaac is so cute!
Melissa, Mom, amd Me.
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Tommie and Jessie

Jessie and Tommie look so perfect together and they truly have a special bond. It was amazing to see the love that they share.
Here is the shot of the happy couple with Jessie's family. Boy is everyone growing up so fast!
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