Friday, April 4, 2008

Oakland Temple

Ron and I were so happy to get to go back to the Oakland Temple. That is where we were married 28 years ago! It is a beautiful temple and brought back all the memories of our time there for us.
When we went to get married, Ron forgot our wedding license and our good friend Tim Smithson had to drive it up to the temple for us. He also left the rings in his locker. I guess he was a little nervous!
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Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

Awwh! You two are so cute. It was really fun to go back there, wasn't it!? I love the Oakland Temple. it will always have a special place in my heart!

Laura said...

My husband's parents were married in the Oakland Temple too! Peter & I are headed out there in June! Your pictures are making me so excited for our trip! Oh and thanks for posting a picture from your sleep-over at Hillary's house...your blog is the only way I get to see her! :)