Saturday, April 5, 2008

General Conference

Ahhh Tradition...Ham and Cheese rolls and chocolate Eclairs yummm! I love conference time. I love that my husband puts on a tie on Saturday when we watch conference in our living room. I love knowing that where ever they are if my children can, they watch conference. I love knowing that when we sing "We thank thee oh God for a Prophet", that all of them will stand up and sing it in there own homes. I love what my grandchildren are learning by their examples. I love that they know where we will be because, that is where we have always been. I love hearing the words of our prophets. Their words are true measuring sticks for our souls. I love that everyone who listens receives what they need and that is different for everyone. I love that I know where my parents will be on Conference weekend. I love knowing that my mom will cry when Henry Eyring speaks, and that all that can will raise their arm to sustain a new prophet. I love that the new prophet immediatly looks like the Prophet. I love that when the boys were growing up they all went out fot Ice cream after general priesthood and now that they are grown...even if they are faraway and alone they will still go out for icecream and call their Dad to tell him. There are so many things I love about conference and I am thankful once more to be able to listen and to be a part of this true church.
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Al said...

dang diggity. Love you ma!

Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

amen, Mama! i love ALL that about it too! i do feel so blessed to be a part of and family!
i also love knowing, that now during priesthood you can be found quilting, by yourself!! :)

Jan said...

I loved your comments -- we have our traditions too and they are much like yours. It feels good.