Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Gideon!

I can't believe it has already been 3 years since you were born and I can't imagine life with out your smile! Love this Boy.
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The Time of Christmas Peace....

For me, as a child, the time after Christmas and before New Years was always called the time of Christmas Peace. You had just cooked an enormous Smorgasbord, so you didn't need to cook and the house just seemed to take care of itself or I didn't worry about it. We read, played games and just enjoyed each other. I love this time of year and being snowed in just makes it better! We are supposed to be getting more snow tomorrow. Since we have lived in Missouri, this is the most snow I can remember getting. I love it! May peace be with you and yours.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Santa Lucia Day!

Katie, Jenna, Ella, Hannah, Ashelyn, & Annie
Once again it is Santa Lucia Day and Grandma Fish had a wonderful event planned! We all went over to her house in the evening and Grandpa had a pathway we walked thru the woods. It was lit with candles and we came upon a Christmas tree, a tomte, and then in the distance we heard Silent night being played on a trumpet. As we got closer to the sound we found Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus. Then from the woods we heard Oh Holy Night being sung. After the song was over we all sang some carols to the baby and then hiked back thru the woods to the house where we had cocoa and Swedish bread. It was a lovely night and I hope a lasting tradition. Gid couldn't resist wearing the helmet and really looks like a swede! Our Lucias were so beautiful. As the evening was winding down we watched last years Christmas devotional where they sang the friendly beasts and again we had fun remembering when the kids were little and sang that to their Grandma.
We also remembered Josh and sang to him! Happy Birthday son and I hope you got rolls where ever you were!
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Happy Birthday... Again!

Here he is! Working at the quilt shop on his special day! This should pretty much tell you what kind of a guy this is! We love you Ron! Happy Birthday and thanks for all you do!
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Snow!

On Sunday everyone came over for the first Presidency's message and we had our first snow! The kids were so excited and I love how new everything looks to a child. Even our tired old snowman stood a little taller under the admiring eye of a grandchild. Gideon was so excited to play in the snow and the kids were wearing any gloves available just to be able to go out! I love the picture of the back of their heads and just as I snapped the picture Jenna said I think I see Santa!
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Sunday Afternoons

So Sunday after Church...somehow Jason got to come home with Grandma and Grandpa by himself!
Ron decided to make cookies and Jason thought that was the best idea ever!
As you can see there was a lot of fun and some eating going on!
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