Monday, October 8, 2007

A week at Grandma's

This week Annie , Jared and Katie stayed with me while their Mom and Dad went to California to get baby Jason. We had a great week. I truly had forgotten what joy little kids bring on a daily basis. Everything is exciting and new. This butterfly was just sitting on our porch. It allowed Annie to hold it and she discovered that if she rubbed it's leg it would open it wings.
Along with everything else that happens and has to be done everyday...Sarah provided me with a calendar of all there games, practices, and parties. So we went and went as much as we could. We had fun and tired days.
Also it happened to be spirit week at school so this is a picture of pamaja day! It was so funny when they realized that they didn't have to get ready for they were already ready.
There were the medical opportunities also. Katie was sick most of the week and required extra loving. I had forgotten how nice it is to hold a sick child. Annie pulled her tooth. She opted to save it for the tooth fairy that comes to her house, since the tooth fairy that comes to grandma's house is a little crazy and brings really wierd stuff. And Jared has discovered that a new tooth is coming in. We also had a wonderful time having family night. It was so much easier for me to do that kind of stuff when my children were home. We had a lesson by Katie, music by Annie and Jared made chocolate pudding with sprinkles, whipped cream, and cherries on top for dessert. We threw children in the air when we sang "Behold a Royal Army" and all held hands and walked in a circle when we sang "Children holding Hands Around the World." Those were the days.
Parents, love these times in your life as they are over way toooo fast and you will miss them.
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