Saturday, March 8, 2008

Children of God

Last Night was Noah's 10th birthday and he had a big sleep over. So Hannah wanted to sleep over at Grandma's. We had a great time and had one of those memorable conversations I just had to blog about. It went like this.
G--Hannah are you a child of god?
H-- No, I am not, My little sister is but I am not.
G--Hannah we are all children of god.
H--No we are not ...I am not a sunbeam any more!
G--Hannah, God is my heavenly father.
H--Sigh....Grandma try this...You are a grown up of God.
G--Ok I say..I get it so you are a girl of God?
H--NO! am a kid of God.
and then she sang the song all the rest of the way home.
When I tried sto sing with her she said I was too loud,
and if I was in a concert, I shouldn't sing too loud or wave my hands,
only nod my head up and down.
I just love little Grandkids...of God!
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Natalie said...

the two of you are so cute! Thank you for letting her come spend the night. I know she had a great time.

Misty said...

hahahaha, That girl is too cute! I absolutely love that!

Jan said...

What a fun time! I love your conversations with the kiddoes -- when we sing the happy birthday song in Primary that says "Happy happy birthday, children dear" we always talk about how even the teachers (us old people!) are children of God too. The kids always crack up over that one for some reason. I like the 'kid of God' thing.

Jen M said...

Too Cute!

Laurilee Adams said...

lol I love loved that. When I grow up I hope to be an awesome grandma like you jd.
Laurilee Adams