Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Genealogy I am doing it!

Ron and I have spent so many hours on Jasper Newton Doan. He was born in 1830 in Tennessee and moved to Texas in 1851. We are finally narrowing down his burial spot to eastern Texas. Probably in or around the town of Linden Texas. We have found him on the 1860 census. He then goes in the the military to fight in the Civil war for the confederacy. He served in the 2 Confederate Engineer troops Company D. He was captured in Alabama on May 4th and released on May 11th 1865 in Mississippi. He then had to make his way on foot to Davis (now Cass) county Texas to find his family. They then show up on the 1870 September census. He was 40. By the time the 1880 census come around his wife Martha Jane is shown as a widow. We then know that she moves with a son and our direct line, James, to Merkel Texas, where she is buried... But where is Jasper???
We are still narrowing it down and I just wanted to share what we are working on today!


Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

so cool....you are closer than ever. keep looking, you will find him!
i love the stories about our ancestors!! they always amaze me! thanks for doing so much research!

Joleen said...

I feel like I know Jasper, too. Don't give up!

Phogles said...

that is amazing, that you have found out so much about this one man. knowing all that makes him so real.

Jan said...

I love it -- you will find him, I know it! We need to be better about this ourselves.