Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Honey Mustard

Tonight I made chicken strips and looked on the internet for a recipe for honey mustard...I found a zillion of them. Rather than try them all I wondered if any one has a good recipe for Honey Mustard. Thanks for the help!


Jen M said...

Hmmm..don't know any, but sure hope you share what you end up using! I'd love some for dipping sweet-potato fries!

Stephanie said...

Well ok...twist my arm..
This one is for dipping and I use dijon since I like mine spicy but keep adding til the balance is what you like.
3 parts dijon mustard
2 parts mayo
1 part honey

Other potential adds...garlic, red pepper, salt, and/or orange juice.

If you like what you come up with, don't forget to write it down! That's my biggest mistake when people ask for things twice. I can never repeat it.

Hillary and Family said...

HAHA!!! I love that Stephanie loves this stuff! We may have to start twisting that arm often to get the fabulous concoctions she's been hiding! Thanks Steph I'm keeping this one in mind :)