Sunday, July 27, 2008


Today is Sunday and I am in the pondering mood. This last week has been so fun. Hillary was here with her girls. In a few months we will have to add a boy to that! Yeah! One of the days she was here the girls came over and to get the kids to play outside and leave us free to talk, I took out all my costume stuff and let the kids play. So as the afternoon wore on, the kids had put together a play for us. Actually it was more of a variety show. As I sat in my lawn chair with my girls around me I was taken back to when I was a young mom watching them. There was generally batons, and tutu's involved and a microphone or two. Those were the days. So I look up at my grandchildren and enjoy the second generation of porch talent in our family. I hope Sarah posts some pictures as I am still camera shy. I really wish we had a video recorder as there were moments that would make great black mail material. (Dance Jenna dance!)
Then on Saturday night we went to see Katie in "The King and I"! It was wonderful. I had been to the dress rehearsal on Thursday and truthfully I was not looking forward to the play on Saturday...but they really pulled it out and it was wonderful. Katie did such a good job. Sarah was on the sound and she did a good job too. Well I guess that is it for now. Love you all


Jan said...

We have the same thoughts -- it seems like just yesterday that it was my own kids I was playing with and now it's turned the page so that it's my precious grandkids. Amazing. And what a gift!