Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm still here!

Hey Family...
Everyone keeps telling me to blog, but I feel so silly without a camera. I like to blog a picture, (a picture says a thousand words you know) and just put a comment out about it. But today I am sitting at work and it is so slow I thought I would blog. I am filling in today at the Far West Store. It is the most lovely and peaceful place. I love Far West. It is why I am here. I spent the last week down at Hillary's. It was fun to be kidnapped and wonderful to be there with her family. We had lots of fun (except for the wild blackberry picking), I'll do a sleep over any time.!We had a tire blow out on the way home and that was pretty scary, but I am so thankful my husband can take care of those things.
This week has been filled up with working at the store and doing costuming for the King and I. It has been fun to remember how much I love doing this. I am fast, so they are wowing over me all the time. It has given allot of confidence back that I didn't know I had lost. I have really enjoyed it.
The little kitty that Spenser adopted is now living at the neighbors. They are home and we are not.
Our garden is just not doing very well. We planted it in raised beds and I just don't think there is enough nutrition in the soil. Seth's is doing wonderful so hopeful we can eat out of his.
Our house is back off the market and all the kids are glad. This is just a bad time for selling so I guess we are here a little longer.
I guess that is about all Dad and I are fine and happy as usual.


Jan said...

So glad to see an update from you -- pics are nice, but i just like knowing what's new!