Thursday, November 22, 2007

Plaza Lighting

For the last few years your Dad has been taking me the the city for the plaza lighting. It happens on the evening of Thanksgiving and for the first few times he would just say I have some place special to take you...dress warm. So off we would go and it was always so beautiful. It is always so romantic. Dad wants a kiss just as they turn on the lights. So we kiss and I am in love with him even more. These aren't great pictures of us, but you can see the lights and share in the fun. It was 14 degrees!

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Richardson's Randoms said...

I think these are beautiful, what are you talking about. I'm so glad you had a wonderful romantic evening.
Love you, Kimberly

Jan said...

What a sweet tradition and such cute pictures!

Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

Love the Plaza lights!! You two are so cute together! Love you both!