Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Genealogy Miracles!!

Ron and I had the most amazing weekend. Ron's mother Irene, has only one living sibling and she was visiting in Arkansas and called to ask us to come down. This is Hettie Reba Crisp Wagoner. She is 82 and was pure joy to visit! Doesn't she look like Grandma Doan? We also had hopes of finding Ron's grandparent's headstones, but we had never even been able to find the cemetery. We knew it was Tharp Cemetery but there are so many little cemeteries and many of the become lost. So we pulled into Fayetteville, at a hotel and Ron went in to ask if any one had ever heard of it and could help us find it. Well of course they hadn't, so when he came out to the car and told me, I said I am having a feeling about this road behind us. So he said lets try it, and as we drove on the road we had gone no further that a half mile and there it was! We walked into the cemetery and there we saw not only his grandparents but uncles, aunts, cousins, and a set of great grandparents! This was truly a miracle and a tender mercy of the Lord. We had many of them this weekend and are so grateful for this eternal work of family history!
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Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

Wow! Reba does look like Grama Doan!! It is so cool that you were able to go out there and visit....and find the cemetery you were looking for! Awesome!

Natalie said...

That is amazing! They look so much alike! And it is so great that you found the cemetery and all the genealogy information! I can't wait to see more pictures!

Jen M said...

She looks more like Grandma than before...and I've always loved to hear Aunt Reba's voice...just like Grandma's. I'm so glad you got to visit family. We were just looking at pictures this afternoon of Ma's cousins and aunts & uncles. Post a few if you get a chance.