Friday, April 4, 2008

For the Boys!

Yes you see this right! This is a skate park in Greenfield!

They have this awesome cloverleaf. Uncle Dennis says it is the best park around.
Dad tried to grind a little but without a board he didn't go very far!
Just look at all the stuff. I have more pictures if you want to study it more! Love you guys and I am still glad we moved!!
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Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

it was a pretty amazing skate park. love the pictures of it...and I am still glad we moved too!

Misty said...

Has Jake seen this yet? He'd probably wet himself.

Richardson's Randoms said...

So this looks amazing and I think Alexander would too! Yay... what Misty said.

Josh and Amanda said...

i don't know about jake and alex but i know i wet myself and i cry cuz i wasn't there but thats awesome that i have a skaterdad haha have fun

Josh (clearly)