Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The most amazing day EVER!!

Today I got a package...from AUSTRALIA!!!
So amazing! This just reeks with excitement!
It is my Pin Cushion SWAP
So Roslyn from Australia was my swap partner and she wrapped everything so I would have more goodies to much fun!

Wiil you look at this...I am still reveling in happiness! Look at this darling pin cushion she made and embroidered and quilted and bound...just fabulous!
It also came with scissors in a case, thread, pens and a yoyo pencil! We aren't done yet!
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Misty said...

How fun!! And all the way from Australia! That's so awesome.

Hillary said...

That's so exciting!! The yoyo pencil is so cute and the pin cushion is amazing! But you know you've got a great girl when she send you scissors!!! :) Hurray for you momma so fun!