Monday, June 29, 2009

It Came!!

My Sister Melissa loves me! She usually calls me on my birthday and says...something is coming! I can see her little girl smile when she says it! She knows me so well and we are connected at the heart! I love this necklace that she sent and I will tell you a few of the reasons. 1. The pearl. Pearl is my birth stone and pearl is the symbol of love this year, for how many years I have been married (29). Pearls are sand that are continually polished and finally evolve as something beautiful. They come from the sea.
2. Hammered Metal and silver. I have never been on of those fru fru girls and I like things homemade. I love the idea of being in being tempered and pounded into submission. We all work everyday at being better people and I have always been one of those that has to be hammered. I love the cleanness of refined silver. I love that they have to add things to it to make it stronger. I love the heaviness of the chain and the layered charms.
3. Words. I love words. Words have power! These words speak volumes to me and I love them. Thank you Melissa you too are known, understood and loved, my sister.
Happy Birthday to me...again!


Amanda & AJ said...

Aw I love that, it is so pretty and thoughtful! Mom is a good present giver!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh that is so so cute. ANd a pearl chain. How darling. Good for you Jenny.

Hillary and Family said...

That is so cool & so pretty!! Happy Birthday to you! Again!!

Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

I love it!! I will have to find out where she got it.....such a beautiful necklace. You deserve it, Happy Birthday Mom. Love you!