Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dusablon Birthdays!

I know I am late on one and early on the other...but Their Birthday's are in JUNE! I think that bit of remembering is pretty good! I love these guys! The minute we are together we are right back where we left off. We have the best family ever and to top it off he is a horticulturist, and she is a quilter! What more can you ask for in a sister and brother in law!
Love you guys and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!


Jen said...

Ah, man - make a girl look bad! I've been meaning to post a shout out to them :)

Love that picture. Thanks for thinking of 'em.

Oh, and 16th and 22nd - pretty close.

~Debbie~ said...

I love it -- Boy we look good!! (that was fun) Can you believe we'll be celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary on July 7th? Gotta' love the man that still makes me laugh!

Love you all and miss you!