Monday, April 13, 2009


The Earnheart Family April 2009 LtoR Sam, Erinn, Isaac, Natalie, Hannah, Jenna,and Noah

The Jake Doan Family April 2009 LtoR Ashelyn, Misty, Gideon, and Jacob

We had a joyful family day yesterday. Natalie, Sarah and Jacob all came with their families. They were all in there Easter finery. We had such a fun day complete with a feast and Egg hunting.
Yes we are missing a picture of Sarah's Family. She took the pictures of everyone else but just couldn't get her family to cooperate. Oh Well....
Andrew came to Easter also and I believe HE started a plastic Easter egg fight. The egg fight was hilarious as Erinn and Seth had fallen asleep in the living room, where the kids were going thru their Easter treasures, and had no idea they were in the middle of a war zone.
Good Memories!!
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Crazy About PartyLite said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm so sorry you are still fighting with that aweful broken leg.. yuck! We love and miss seeing you. When you're up and around again, you and Ron will need to come for a movie night at the Richardsons.

Love ya,