Wednesday, February 25, 2009

still broken!

So I wanted to find this amazing quote about enduring or trials or something like that to make my point on this leg problem, such luck so I just think I better tell you what is going on. I finally got a cast on my leg after 4 weeks. It is a different kind of sore now but I was feeling better until the Doctor said OK...see you in 2 months! Eight weeks seems like so much less than 2 months. But two months it is and I can't put any weight on my leg at all, so I am on crutches, or in a wheel chair or in bed. Sigh...Well if anyone come up with an encouraging quote, let me know, I really need it!


Jan said...

Ah, Jenny! This has gone on way too long already! I'm sorry - -I really am. Hang in there -- this too shall pass! Hopefully quickly!

Jen M said...

I recently read the words, "Healing takes courage, and we all have courage." I can't remember who said it. But, I can remember this one by Tony Little, "You Can DOOOOOO It!"

Elisabeth said...

Jenny I am so sorry to hear about your foot, you are a strong woman you will make it through this.