Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Forever Baby!

The next day, it was off to the Temple to have Jason sealed to us for FOREVER! It was the sweetest thing ever to be in that sealing room with all those children in white, with their parents.

Jason Alan Galbraith
Ella, Katie, Jason, Annie and Jared Galbraith. A forever Family!
Here is Ron and I forever in love and standing in front of a beautiful fall tree!
Here is a shot of all the Grandkids that were there. Hillary and her family were able to make it too. It was a wonderful day!
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Jan said...

A wonderful day for sure! I'm so happy for all of you -- what a blessing!

Hopkins said...

That was so fun, even though it was for a short time! And poor little screaming Jason!

Jen M said...

You're family is so beautiful!

Stephanie said...

That is quite a family you have. They are beautiful.

Amanda & AJ said...

i had to get rid of my old blog here is the new one.
-Love ya.

Rebecca said...

I found you through Kizzie's blog. What a wonderful day! All of your grandchildren are so beautiful!

Debbie (Sis) said...

You two are so beautiful together! What lovely pictures of the family -- how fast the little ones are growing and having so much fun ... Love you all!!