Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Friday Night Freeze OUT!

Friday night our heater quit! It was 6 degrees! with a wind chill of -15. So Ron and I went to Sarah's to stay until our heater could get fixed. Jake on the other hand decided it was a good time for "Friday Night Freeze Out!" He and Spenser decided to bake cookies. He thought that would warm up the house. So they made Lemon Fresh cookies which was fine but then they proceeded to open up the windows and put fans in them to see how cold they could stand it! They are crazy guys and I am glad I was under an electric blanket at Sarahs!

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Jan said...

Oh man!! I'm so glad you had Sarah's house nearby to run to -- too dang cold for me for sure.

Misty said...

what a bunch of wackos! Gotta love em!

Richardson's Randoms said...

This is where the funny comes it... maybe whack job is more like it. Those boys can be nuts... but they sure have fun.