Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Moments!

We had planned to just hang out and have a quiet memorial day.
We went and visited Grandma and Grandpa Nystrom's grave site.
When we go there we also send out love to Grandma Lehman.
It is a day for remembering.

Gideon and Grandma share a happy moment.
I spent time and finished hand quilting this quilt.
This is made of 30's print fabrics.
The pattern is called x's & o's, with pinwheels in the corners.
It is such a happy quilt.
Annie and Jason! She is such a big help to her family.
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Jan said...

The quilt is beautiful! My mom was a big quilter but that talent really not been picked up in the family -- which is sort of sad, really.

Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

you know i am dying for that quilt...when you make me one make sure it is a queen size. :) teeheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheeh! it was nice to visit the cemetery, wasn't it!?

Jen M said...

Love the quilt!!

Richardsons Randoms said...

What a beautiful quilt. You are so talented. What great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny,
After viewing so many of your tuts on MSQC site & YouTube, I Googled you and found your blog. Enjoyed reading about you and your family.

Now about the X's and O'x quilt you and Sarah are holding up ... can you share where I can find the pattern? Or better yet, do a tutorial on it for us.

Thanks for whatever help you can give.
Linda Erickson